Run through the LoRaWAN Network
Connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible at a fraction the cost of cellular without needing to deploy and maintain wireless infrastructure.
LoRaWAN provides for long range communication between end devices and a gateway up to 5 kilometers in urban areas, and up to 15 kilometers or more in rural areas.
LoraWan Networks (Atom Proton) Helium Miner
LoraWan Networks (Atom Proton) Helium Miner
Charging Station

Why use the People’s Networks?

Benefits of the Proton Helium Miner

Huge Coverage

The world’s largest contiguous wireless network.

Miles of Range

Devices can communicate 200x further than normal WiFi.


Extremely low connectivity costs to send your data.

In a nutshell, you purchase and install a wireless device at your premises to earn mining rewards. In contrast to power-hungry traditional miners, these little WiFi devices consume only 5W.

Powered with Helium LongWiFi technology, these routers have 200 times more coverage than your standard WiFi router.

So only a few hundred such devices can cover an entire city. This technology is made possible by low-power radio networks, technically called LoRaWan.

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